About Us

Pinaken is a tribute to traditional and aesthetic sensibilities of the world. We bring to you a blend of contemporary designs and skilled craftsmanship through our products. We bring an unmatched experience of using modern and hand embellished products. All of our fabric products are printed, hand embellished and hand embroidered by highly skilled traditional craftsmen.


A brand of Sharp N India, Pinaken.com is the best place to buy imaginable, funky, trendy gift items from India. Choose from an ever expanding array of categories which includes everything from stationery, gift items and notebooks.


Pinaken was started as a small enterprise where a young woman took on the mantle of using best business practices of arts and crafts. Over the years, her creative flair and powerful vision have taken her business to 21 different countries across the world.

Pinaken is the confluence of her creativity, vision and entrepreneurial zest. Throughout her journey, she has been backed by a strong, self-motivated, creative and talented team.


Our mission is to provide our customers the power to choose from a large range of different high quality products and designs.


At Pinaken we adhere to all compliances and ensure social benefits to the craftsmen and workers who contribute to the creation of our products. We are an organization that has empowered several people who live in a challenging environment by giving them employment and recognition. The entire array of products is manufactured at our BSCI & SEDEX audited factory where we follow all social, ethical and safety norms.

Hence, when you are buying a Pinaken product, you are in a way contributing to build a sustainable, fair and progressive environment.